The Changing Seasons Highlight Remembrance, Honor, and Gratitude

Let’s Give Thanks!

This time of year is full of emotion. We become reminded of all we have, all we should be thankful for. We honor our families and the memories of loved ones lost. We remember the good times and recall lessons learned during the tough times. We look at changes brought about over the past year and this year we remember more than ever less challenging times.

The conflicts in countries abroad, the fear of terrorism here at home, it’s all shining light on the importance of our freedom and the sacrifices of those who’ve already fought to protect our way of life. More than ever, we should be grateful for our veterans, our older loved ones, the seniors in our life who know what it’s like to stand up for what you believe in and sacrifice themselves for the greater good. We need to honor those who’ve already lived through trying times and given of themselves to protect our homeland.

Here at Arbor Acres, times are changing too. Our long time President and CEO, David Piner, has announced 2016, his 32nd year at Arbor Acres, will be his last. In his recent letter to residents and staff David said, “I will work zealously on your behalf until my tenure is finished, doing my best as always to advance the interests of the residents and staff of Arbor Acres. I look forward to walking this final stretch with you confident the future of Arbor Acres will be even lovelier than all that has gone before.” We are thankful for David’s leadership, his vision, and his accomplishments. In the coming year renovation will be complete in Fitzgerald, the skilled nursing center David came to Arbor Acres to open many years ago. To that, David said, “I consider this a deeply satisfying accomplishment and the perfect note on which to conclude my service here.” We will honor his legacy, I’m sure in the coming months, and remember his work for years to come.

In this time of giving thanks, as we contemplate what’s happening at home and in the world, let’s not forget how important a simple pat on the back, a hug, a smile in the midst of stress, or a moment spent sitting alongside one of our seniors can be. Let’s especially remember those family members, honor their presence, their gifts and the lessons they’ve taught us. Let us remember those as they retire and leave change on the horizon. Our world is changing in many ways, but the priority we give to remembrance, honor and gratitude, should not.

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