Why Retire Here?

Winston-Salem Consistently Ranked as One of the Best Places to Retire Why retire here? For the past several years, Winston-Salem continues to pop up on “Best Places to Retire” lists. For some it’s surprising that a town rich with history, a city made up of the merger of two smaller towns over 100 years ago, is a place that over a century later is rich with modern day offerings. It seems our hometown is doing a good job combining its vibrant, re-born downtown with the traditional amenities many seniors desire. Lucky for us, Arbor Acres is right in the middle … Continue reading

Arbor Acres Wears Red With Purpose

Fighting Heart Disease in Women It’s the color of passion, danger, sacrifice, blood, fire and courage.  Some would argue because the color red symbolizes all of those things, it is powerful, strong, vibrant and beautiful.  This month, Red will take center stage as the color chosen to represent an important message from the American Heart Association.  At Arbor Acres, we too are embracing this color, its power, and its meaning. Do you know the number one killer of women in America?  I didn’t!  I guessed cancer, but no it is cardiovascular disease and yes, that is in women.  It seems … Continue reading

The New Year at Arbor Acres

2015 Will Bring Growth, Laughter, Caring and Fulfillment   The New Year at Arbor Acres, like all our years, will be defined by love, by progress toward ever rising definitions of excellence, innovation, caring, and beauty, by a deepening sense of community, caring, and well-being. Fulfilling the mission allows for no less. Renovation of the area within Fitzgerald that serves residents requiring skilled care, the portion now known as Strickland Place, will begin in the spring. Long awaited, long needed, the project holds promise for those most dependent on Arbor Acres for the promised experience of excellence, innovation, caring, and … Continue reading