New Year, Healthy Start

Did you know that when you make a New Year’s resolution, such as eating fewer sweets or losing weight, you’re participating in a tradition that stretches back thousands of years?

More than 4000 years ago, the Babylonians celebrated their New Year in March when the spring harvest came in. They made promises to the gods during an 11-day festival in order to earn good favor in the coming year, often resolving to get out of debt.
Human nature being what it is, we have to wonder if the Babylonians had as much difficulty sticking with their resolutions as we seem to do today! A recent study indicates that up to 92 percent of New Year’s resolutions end in failure, usually by the second week in February.

One of the most effective ways to keep a turn-of-year resolution is to tell someone else about it, which provides accountability. The Wellness Arts Staff at Arbor Acres has taken this into account with the launch earlier this month of a new all-campus wellness initiative for 2018!

More than 150 residents and employees turned out for the launch of our 2018 Wellness Challenge in January!

Recognizing that health-related goals are among the most popular New Year’s resolutions, our Wellness Arts Team has designed a program that will run through all of 2018 for everyone who is a part of the Arbor Acres community, including residents and staff.

Each month, participants will be given three daily tasks to complete based on the assigned wellness dimension for the month, which includes social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, vocational, physical, financial and environmental wellness. All tasks work together to help participants improve productivity, health, and resilience; reduce stress; and boost morale.

For example, January’s focus is Emotional Wellness. Participants’ “3-A-DAY Challenge” includes sleeping at least seven hours each night by sticking to a set bedtime for the month, being intentional about giving a compliment to someone each day, and writing down one thing they are grateful for in a gratitude journal provided by Arbor Acres.

Each month, participants will receive a newsletter that identifies the wellness dimension of the month, includes a scorecard to record which challenges are completed every day, and lists the featured programs that support that month’s dimension. Participants who enter their completed scorecards each month will be eligible for quarterly drawings for prizes.

With an invitation to the entire campus to participate in the “2018 Wellness Challenge,” we will be able to check in with each other, offer encouragement, and experience the satisfaction that comes with fulfilling personal commitments to achieve better health.

There is more to good health than just good nutrition, and the Arbor Acres’ 2018 Wellness Challenge will touch on all dimensions of wellness while motivating residents and staff to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions. There’s no age limit to achieving vibrant health!

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