Seniors and Summer Adventures

Stay Healthy By Traveling By definition an adventure is “an unusual and exciting experience or activity.” Who wouldn’t want to go on an adventure, especially if you found out you could stay healthy by traveling.  That’s right, some researchers argue traveling can be good for senior health. According to getting outside of your home and normal routine promotes additional physical activity. As we age, we need more mental and physical stimulation.  So a trip to the park, the local winery, the zoo or sightseeing in a new city means you are walking more than normal. That extra exercise strengthens … Continue reading

Spring Adds New Life and New Beauty to Arbor Acres

A New Fitzgerald Building is Emerging “Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.” Simple words from author Jessica Harrelson about this time of year, words we can also use to characterize what we now see in Fitzgerald, the facility that houses Arbor Acres’ skilled nursing and memory care areas. As spring blossoms outside, inside a building that’s been filled with temporary walls and closed off hallways, wrapped in dust and construction debris, the cocoon of transformation is finally opening. New life is emerging in the beautiful new space. Finally, the fruits of many years of planning are being … Continue reading

Feeding Our Cultural, Educational, Artistic, and Culinary Appetites

Spoiled Rotten in the Big Apple Written By Guest Writer & Resident, Winborne Chandler  New York, New York is wonderful and so was the first theater trip to the city sponsored by Arbor Acres. Several residents, accompanied by staff, had a blast during the fun-filled 4 days and 3 nights in the Big Apple. One participant summed up the trip in a single word by calling it “rotten” – because we were all “spoiled rotten” the entire trip. Our “chaperones” were tireless in leading us from place to place and activity to activity.  In our short time there, we managed … Continue reading

Places Everyone! It’s Time for the Show

Does Acting Have Some Memorable Side Effects for Senior Adults? Bonjour! The casting call has happened, the rehearsals have begun, we are saying hello to yet another year of our annual benefit shows for Meals-on-Wheels!   CARte Blanche in Gay Pa’ree is the latest addition to a decade of original shows benefiting Senior Services. In that time, Arbor Acres has contributed over $365,000 to help bring healthy meals to those less fortunate.  It’s a good time and perhaps, according to some research, our efforts to help benefit others though acting may actually have some “memorable” side effects for our senior adults. … Continue reading

Why Do People Give?

Now That is An Interesting Question It really isn’t critical that I know why people give – I just find it curious and thought-provoking. Why do people give? In my journey to uphold the mission of Arbor Acres, I find it rewarding to learn more about the donors here and what makes the mission so vibrant and real.  For me the experience of hearing someone’s story and connection to this community is the beauty of my role.  It feels small to reach out my hand and take a check without looking into the eyes of the beholder and understanding how this money … Continue reading

Why Retire Here?

Winston-Salem Consistently Ranked as One of the Best Places to Retire Why retire here? For the past several years, Winston-Salem continues to pop up on “Best Places to Retire” lists. For some it’s surprising that a town rich with history, a city made up of the merger of two smaller towns over 100 years ago, is a place that over a century later is rich with modern day offerings. It seems our hometown is doing a good job combining its vibrant, re-born downtown with the traditional amenities many seniors desire. Lucky for us, Arbor Acres is right in the middle … Continue reading

The New Year at Arbor Acres

2015 Will Bring Growth, Laughter, Caring and Fulfillment   The New Year at Arbor Acres, like all our years, will be defined by love, by progress toward ever rising definitions of excellence, innovation, caring, and beauty, by a deepening sense of community, caring, and well-being. Fulfilling the mission allows for no less. Renovation of the area within Fitzgerald that serves residents requiring skilled care, the portion now known as Strickland Place, will begin in the spring. Long awaited, long needed, the project holds promise for those most dependent on Arbor Acres for the promised experience of excellence, innovation, caring, and … Continue reading