Promise You Will Never Put Me In A Nursing Home

Making A Tough Decision

The words “nursing home” can conjure up some rather intense feelings and emotions; loneliness, despair, sadness, and much more. Generations gone by think of a “nursing home” as a cold, sterile, institutional place where people are often left to die.

But as the number of senior adults rapidly grows, the idea of placing a loved one in some type of retirement facility is something children, spouses, and family members of all types are being forced to consider now more than ever.

A recent article in the Washington Post challenges the idea of making the promise, “I’ll never put you in a nursing home,” saying it’s a promise many people can’t keep.

Renovations in the East Wing Commons of Fitzgerald

Renovations Underway in the East Wing Commons of Fitzgerald Include Open Space, Ponds, and Trees

This commentary is particularly timely as Arbor Acres is in the process of completely rethinking its skilled nursing care. The $13 million renovation of Fitzgerald challenges the stereotypes of the old “nursing home” by transforming our skilled nursing and memory care areas into light filled, open spaces that include trees and ponds, gorgeous gardens, and warm, inviting areas for families to enjoy their time together instead of worry about their loved one’s needs.

The new Fitzgerald will open in the fall and the column by Tara Bahrampour provides good insight for families who will soon have to make a decision, perhaps break a promise, while considering what’s best for their loved one’s well-being, and their own.

Read the Washington Post story here.


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