A New Year, New Energy at Arbor Acres

2016 Promises Change, Surprises, and Hope

2016 stretches before us, a canvas with colorful strokes and bold contours already present, the products of earlier creative effort and, I trust, of the Master Artist’s design. We will spend the year completing the patterns, rounding out the shapes, adding depth, and trusting always that the ultimate composition of 2016 will be pleasing to the Master.

Construction on new Park-like Features in Strickland Place

Construction on new Park-like Features in Strickland Place

Look! Already you can see the promise of the renovation of Fitzgerald appearing. With 5 wings renovated and occupied the shape of the whole is increasingly discernible. By year end the skilled nursing portion of Fitzgerald, Strickland Place we call it, will be colorful, amenity rich, and park-like. Likewise Arborview, the residence for those experiencing dementia, by year end will offer its residents greater loveliness, comfort, and serenity. Notice the new bold stoke appearing alongside these images, the one resulting from the Board’s decision last year to move forward with certifying all Arbor Acres’ licensed skilled nursing beds for participation in Medicare. With this new addition, the canvas of 2016 brightens for residents who worry about the rising costs of quality health care.

Within the emerging composition of the year appear not yet fully developed outlines also sketched last year as a consequence of my announcement of intent to retire in January 2017. The Master Artist, Designer of All, from time to time insists we color in faith unsure of the final impact of the bold strokes we make in the present. That’s how I feel as I labor on the canvas of my own life. That’s the task to which Arbor Acres is called as it reaches for the new leadership it needs to carry forward work that I and countless others have begun. Feel the guiding hand of the Master as it leads the already constituted Search Committee through what I’m confident will be an exhilarating and rewarding process. For more than 40 years the canvas that is Arbor Acres has reflected evidence of the Master’s design and tender care for this work in perpetual process. Surely the Master can be trusted to transform our present decisions, our discerning efforts, and our faithful execution into a continuing work of exceeding beauty. With new leadership, likely to be chosen by mid-year, will come new talent. A new year, new energy, and new hope. The Master Artist will see to it.

Portions of the composition of 2016 remain vague, their shape unclear. As in all creative processes there will be surprises, the unanticipated emergence of new patterns and unexpected splashes of color. All artists look forward to this aspect of creation, the surprising appearances that can be breathtaking in their capacity to magnify the vision of what the finished work will be. Change is the cornerstone of all creativity, and nowhere is this more evident than in the evolving beauty of Arbor Acres since its inception. We who hold the brushes, and I include among us board members, residents, staff, volunteers, and benefactors, have always applied our best effort to the task placed before us. We will do so again in 2016, confident that the result of our work will be pleasing to the Master who makes all things good.


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